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International Family Resource Center

Employment Assistance


In Cincinnati, IFRC offers employment assistance to refugees and asylees at no cost.  Job seekers in the Employment Assistance program learn how to search for jobs in the United States.  Areas covered include the following: successfully starting a job search, correctly filling out employment applications, creating a resume, practicing interview skills, and understanding workplace expectations.    

In return, IFRC offers qualified, diverse, multitalented applicants to Cincinnati employers.  IFRC brings eager, hardworking individuals and employers together. 

Call Anne Garrett at (513) 354-5666 for more information.

What our clients have to say...

You helped us.  With you, we filled many many applications and you try to encourage us not to give up until we get a job.”

~Saghairun Ohure

They helped me learn how I can talk with the manager and how I answer him...and now I got a new job.”

~ James Deng

“[IFRC] helped me because I will work second shift and I have enough time to go to school in the morning.”

~ Khatir Kowa

“[IFRC staff] are understanding and have a lot of patience when there are problems and have energy for trying every time.”

~ Rade Droca

“You did a great job.”

~ William Aleu

“I like the job because it is only two days a week and I have time to come back to school for my English classes to improve my reading and writing so I can get a better job in the future so my children can live a better life too.”

~ Diana Tarley