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EARN (Employee Assistance Resource Network)

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Employees face challenges balancing their professional and personal lives. When personal concerns or crises arise such as behavior problems with school aged children, addictions such as substance abuse or gambling,  or struggling with the stress of a divorce, that balance can be disrupted.  At times, these challenges may interfere with the employee's ability to perform at work, resulting in lost productivity. This is when the Employee Assistance Resource Network (EARN) can make a difference.

The Employee Assistance Resource Network provides assessment, counseling, and referrals for employees and their families. Specially trained counselors are available to deal with job stress, divorce or separation, the loss or illness of a family member, alcohol or drug concerns, parent-child problems, single parenthood, and concerns about elderly parents. Counseling benefits both employees and employers. Employees gain skills they need to solve their personal crises. Employers gain productive employees.


EARN provides companies with onsite critical incident stress seminars; workplace seminars on popular topics; and management consultation;.

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FES (Focus on Employee Success)

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Focus on Employee Success (FES) is an exciting new program that just started with Family Service and is funded by the United Way.

FES is offered at no cost* for people who are employed and live or work in Price Hill or Covington and feel stressed, worried, depressed or angry.

*You must meet income requirements.

Are you stressed about your spouse, partner, children or co-workers?

 Are you worried about how much alcohol or drugs you are using?

 Are you overwhelmed by childcare, finances or housing?

 Are workplace requirements for a GED or job training holding you back?

 If you answered yes to any of these, then FES might be the answer for you.

What is FES?

FES is an employee assistance program. Mental health and substance abuse problems or lack of support in areas such as child care, elder care can lead to a reduction in productivity on the job and increased absenteeism.

When an employee has problems at home, they often affect the employee at work.

FES works with you to overcome barriers that put your job at risk, beginning a cycle of wellness at work, home and in the community.

Who is eligible?

If you live or work in Price Hill or Covington, have an income that is not more than 200% of the poverty level and are employed, Family Service may have just the right program for you!

 What does FES include?

FES can provide you with six free counseling sessions or a substance abuse therapy group with a licensed therapist or meet your needs in a free six hour workshop on such areas as: substance abuse education, workplace skills, conflict resolution, anger management, etc.

We can help with:


    • Family Challenges
    • GED and/or training
    • Marital problems
    • Substance Abuse Education
    • Alcohol or Drugs
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Emotional Issues
    • Anger Management
    • Child Care
    • Financial Issues
    • Elder Care
    • Communication
    • Housing
    • Work Place Skills
    • Legal Services

How do I sign up?

Find out today how we can help you turn your problems into solutions. Call Family Service Intake (513) 354-5600 (works for OH and KY) for a full list of services. They can help you decide which free service will work best for you!


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