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International Family Resource Center

(513) 721-7660

International Family Resource Center

has provided various services for Cincinnati immigrants, refugees, and international visitors for over 80 years

English for Speakers of Other Languages 

Beginning, intermediate and advanced English classes for immigrants, refugees and international visitors.

Click here for our English as a Second Language Flyer

For more information: Call (513) 721-7660

Language Bank

Translation and interpretation services in 98 languages and dialects for individuals, corporations, courts, law firms and others on a fee-for-service basis. Click here for more information about the Language Bank.

Employment Services

Pre-employment services and job search assistance for immigrants and refugees, and assistance for employers in effectively utilizing these persons as workers. Click here for more information about Employment Services.

Private Tutoring for Foreign Languages- Spanish, French, Arabic

For private tutoring information, click here. If have an interest in a language not listed, please contact Jasna Secic at 513-354-5702 or email us.


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